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Hemlock mulch near me is a popular search that many gardeners make. It has an interesting look and beneficial qualities. Searching for the best hemlock does not end with Google Maps or other GPS devices. This complete guide will help you find the best mulch and store for you!

How To Find the Best Hemlock Mulch Store?

To find the best hemlock mulch store, you will have to search on Google Maps or other GPS devices to find the nearest store. Afterward, research and find out more about the reputation, services, and prices of the store. Your needs are another essential aspect. 

Going into the store blindly is never a good idea. It might result in you leaving the store with a product that’s not the best, so you need to consider each one of these aspects carefully. We’ll discuss them one by one in this section.

Location and Reputation

As stated before, the first step is the easiest one: finding the nearest stores with the help of Google Maps or other GPS devices. After that comes the research and analysis. The end goal is to find information about stores’ reputation and services.  

You can research a store’s reputation by looking at online reviews and comments about the store and asking about the store from friends and family. These two methods will give you different information from different perspectives. The first method will give information about what the public thinks of the store. The second method provides you with opinions of the people you trust. 

The next step is to analyze what you have. The analysis will help you understand the store with the best reputation. Remember that a high reputation increases your chances of getting what you need. The other essential part you need to analyze is the services and their prices.

Services and Its Price

After shortening the list based on the results, it is time to look at the services and their prices. Each store has its own set of services. General services of the store include installation, delivery and bulk or bag mulches, and discounts. If you want to avail of one of the mentioned services, you need to look at what the store offers. 

So let’s say you need help installing the mulches. You will need to find a store that provides you with that service, and you can shorten the list of stores by eliminating those that don’t offer you the service you want. Furthermore, you might want to take into consideration the availability of bags or bulk mulches. 

Usually, people buy bulk or bag mulches when they have a larger space to cover. This way, they can decrease the chances of not having enough mulch for the area. So measure the area that will be mulched and analyze how much you need, and if it’s a large space, you might want to look for a store with bulk or bag mulch offers. 

Quality and Variety

Another essential aspect that affects your chances of finding the best choice is the quality and variety of the store. Finding a store with higher quality also involves research and analysis. Again, the research can be done by looking at product reviews and asking friends and family. There is one misconception that you need to be wary off. 

There is a misconception that a high price means better quality, but it’s not always the case. So, when researching the quality, don’t only look at the prices, look at the comments left behind. Let’s say the price is high, but the majority wrote that the product isn’t good, then you should think twice about making that purchase. It is also a great idea to look at the variety of products. 

Even when you are looking for only one type of mulch, it is better to look at a shop with variety. A store with different sizes, types, and colors of mulch increases your chances of getting the necessary product. A store that fits all of these is the best store for you. 

What Is the Average Price for Hemlock Mulch?

The average price for hemlock mulch is around $45 per cubic yard. Similar to all mulches, the price for this mulch is also flexible. It depends on factors such as availability, popularity, suppliers, and of course, the store. You should ask for prices from several stores before making a decision.

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the factors. The most prominent factors that affect the price is availability and popularity. Hemlock does not lack in either of them. Another factor that affects price is the material that was used. Hemlock does not lack in that department either. 

Similar to other organic mulches, they are made either from hemlock bark or the whole tree. And depending on the part of the tree that was used, the price can change. The price is also affected because the mulch color has a different shading based on the processing techniques used by the manufacturer.

The price also depends on the supplier of the store because each supplier dictates its price. Another prominent factor is the services and discounts used. One example mentioned above is the usage of installation services, which varies from store to store. The price also depends on whether the consumer buys the products in bulk or in a bag.

Why Should You Use Hemlock Mulch?

You should use hemlock mulch because it will give you several advantages. First, it has a unique color that can enrich your garden. Furthermore, this mulch lasts longer and provides healthy nutrients, retaining moisture and water. Lastly, this mulch is as strong of a weed suppressor as cypress mulch. 

There are some worries that people have regarding hemlock. Some people think that this mulch is toxic to humans and pets. This confusion comes from the fact that people think the mulch is made from conium maculatum. This plant is also commonly known as Hemlock. 

Hemlock plants are poisonous, and a tiny amount can lead to death. This plant is poisonous both for humans and pets. However, it is essential to state that the hemlock tree is not a danger to plants or humans. If pets consume a large amount of this mulch, they might have abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. 

It is because, in the hemlock tree, researchers found components similar to the toxins in the poison Hemlock. So, if you have a pet in your garden, it’s better to train them to stay away from these areas. Another disadvantage of this mulch is that it can be easily blown away by a strong wind. Now let’s go over some of the advantages and see if it outshines the bad. 


As stated above, this mulch has different shading based on the aging process used by the creators. The colors can range from reddish brown to darker brown. This natural color will not fade away under the sun. It will keep its vivid and eye-catching color for a long time. 

It will give your garden natural and bright colors. Besides not fading away through time, it does not change color. In other words, you will have a visually appealing garden. 

Provides Nutrients 

Similar to other organic mulches, hemlock also decomposes after some time. And when it decomposes, it provides the soil with beneficial nutrients. Hemlock has almost all the nutritional components that wood mulches provide. Hemlock has one advantage over other wood mulches. 

The mulch made of hemlock contains vitamin C. After it decomposes, the soil will also receive vitamin C. This mulch can also attract beneficial organisms such as earthworms. The mulch not only attracts these organisms but also creates an advantageous environment so they can improve the soil. 

Suppresses Weeds and Repels Insects

As you might already know, wood mulches have abilities to suppress weeds. Some of the mulches are better than others. Cypress and hemlock have the best suppressors among others. Hemlock blocks the sun and kills other seeds that help weeds grow. 

This way, you can save time and effort on solving your weed issues. Another advantage of hemlock over other mulches is that it repels insects. It contains a high level of tannins, which has some repelling abilities. It is essential to mention that it can also attract some insects, such as termites. 

Retains Moisture and Temperature

Similar to other organic mulches, hemlock also is a good moisturizer. This way, the mulch reduces the need to water your plants regularly. It is especially significant in places where the climate is dry. Another commonality with organic mulches is the fact that they can also optimize the temperature. 

In summer, it cools down the soil. Consequently, when it is cold, it will warm up the soil. It creates a safe environment for plant and tree growth. 


Now you are ready to buy your mulch. Before signing off, let’s go over some of the crucial points. 

  • To choose the best store for your needs, you need to consider the location of the store, reputation, services, and high quality and diversity of the products.  Furthermore, your budget also plays a crucial role. 
  • The average price for hemlock is around $45 per cubic yard. The price will depend on several factors such as the method of creation, parts of the tree that were used, services, etc. 
  • The advantages of using hemlock include beneficial organisms and nutrients for soil, moisture and temperature retention, weed suppression, etc. 

At this point in the article, you now have all the essential information you need to find the best store and mulch for you. Now you can enjoy your landscape and the benefits your hemlock mulch will provide!

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