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Cypress mulch near me is a search that people do to find the best mulch option for them. Before choosing your mulch, you need to get to know if it’s the best choice. Despite its popularity, it is better not to use cypress. This complete guide will detail the reasons and will provide you with information on what can be used as alternatives. 

How To Choose the Best Cypress Mulch Store Near You?

Choosing the best cypress mulch store near you involves consideration of several factors. You need to consider the location, reputation, and services of the store. It is also essential to analyze your needs and the services they provide. These are all crucial aspects for your successful purchase.  

Cypress mulch is made from cypress trees that grow in Florida and Louisiana wetlands. Due to its popularity, these wetlands are almost out of cypress trees that can provide the necessary qualities it is famous for. That’s why it would be best to search for replacement mulches (which we’ll discuss later). First, let’s see how you can find the appropriate store specifically for you. 

Location and Reputation

After Google Map points out the best store, the next step is to do some research. The research will help you identify the reputation of the store. You have more chances to get the product you need. You can complete your research in two ways. 

Online reviews and ratings about the stores are one of the ways. It can help you understand what the public thinks about the store. Furthermore, you can ask friends and family, which is also good because you can hear about someone’s personal experience. Using both techniques is better. 

After gathering the information, analyze your data. Remember, the higher the reputation is, the better your chances of finding what you need. The other aspects are your budget and the services the store provides. 

Quality and Variety

The best store is the store that has high-quality products of various types and sizes, as well as affordable products. The flexibility depends on several factors, such as services, suppliers, etc. 

With this in mind, it is essential to look through the store products, analyze them based on the feedback, and decide which is the best one. Furthermore, look for a store that has the most variety of mulches. Different sizes, types, and colors mean you will have a higher chance of a successful purchase.  

What Is the Average Cost of Cypress Mulch?

The average cost of cypress mulch is around $100 per cubic yard. Cypress mulch is made of pine, therefore making it one of the most affordable mulch types on the market. Be careful of the harmful thinking that a higher price means higher quality — it is not always true.

Why Is Cypress Mulch Not the Best Choice?

Cypress mulch is not the best choice for anyone and their gardens because it is not environmentally friendly. Due to their popularity in their natural habitat, they are almost scarce. The scarcity of Cypress trees endangers the ecosystem and the surrounding wildlife. 

One of the most impressive traits these trees have is their longevity. They can live more than 2,000 years. The older tree from which the mulch is made, the higher the quality of the mulch is. In other words, to get better mulch, people need to cut older trees. 

It was not the issue when mulches people made were out of leftover Cypresses. However, when it became more popular, people started to make mulch out of whole trees. It brings us to how making this mulch harms the ecosystem. Below, we’ll discuss some of the reasons it’s not the best mulch. 

Dying Trees 

As stated, these mulches are made from Cypress trees, mainly from Florida wetlands. In the past, they were made either from leftover bark or trunks. Nowadays, people often use the whole trees. Again, it is because it is more popular. 

The best quality mulch comes from older trees. Hence, people cut the older ones to get the best quality. The result of this is dying trees. Due to their longevity, cypress grow very slowly, and people need to wait for decades and even longer for the tree to reach maturity. 

Due to previously mentioned reasons, natural resources for this mulch are almost depleted. Several environmental advocacy groups both in Louisiana and Florida are working together to save these trees. State Universities of Florida and Louisiana are also advocating for people not to use this mulch. 

Destroyed Ecosystem and Wildlife 

Cypress trees have an essential role in their natural environment. Their most important role is that of protector. They are natural insects and other fungus repellents, which they use to protect that environment. The absence of these trees also means that those areas are vulnerable to insects and funguses. 

Furthermore, they have an essential role in wildlife as well. Birds such as bald eagles and wood ducks build their nest in these trees’ canopies and tree trunks. No trees mean no nesting places, so making mulch deprives these birds of a nesting place. 

Besides the birds, this will also deprive toads, frogs, and fish of breeding places. These animals use bald cypress swamps as breeding grounds. Catfish also usually spawn in the submerged hollow logs of the tree. These animals need to find a new place that provides them with the same services.

And as we have stated, these wetlands are almost depleted. Hence, sadly it is the most likely future for these animals. It would be better to find an alternative to this mulch. 

Harms Plants and Trees 

Sellers also commercialize cypress as “no-float mulch” (which we’ll discuss later); it also comes with downsides. It does not float due to it being denser than other mulches. This characteristic also means that it can absorb a lot of water. It may lead to your plant not receiving enough water for its roots or soil. 

Not having enough water means it will not grow as it would have with sufficient water. Furthermore, it might not receive water at all. The weather is another essential aspect connected to harming plants. Mulch that has been under the hot sun too long can lose its absorbing quality. 

So, when it rains, the mulch will repel the water instead of absorbing it. It means that the plant or the tree will not receive any water and will rot quickly. Hence, research and find out what the plants that cypress won’t harm. 

Low-Quality Mulch

To get higher-quality mulch, creators should use older trees, which is not possible anymore. Due to previously mentioned reasons, the state government has protective policies regarding older trees.

For this industry not to die, people now use young trees, which don’t have the same qualities that made this mulch famous. It also means that the majority of the mulch nowadays is low quality. 

Why Do People Use Cypress Mulch?

People use Cypress mulch because of its beneficial properties. People can use it for various gardening applications as it is long-lasting and repels fungi and insects. All of these properties were used by the tree in its natural habitat during its lifespan. 

One of the most prominent benefits of this mulch is the fact that this mulch is organic. People make this mulch, blending cypress and other tree trunks. Having a mulch blend sometimes makes it easier for the consumer to find alternatives. Below, we’ll discuss some of the qualities that made it popular.

Long Lasting and Durable

One of the most appealing features of this mulch is its durability and longevity. Unlike other popular mulches, such as pine bark, and cedar bark, it has a dense and fibrous texture. This texture makes it heavy, which makes it durable. So, when other mulches float during heavy rain, the cypress does not.  

Due to this feature, cypress is also commonly known as “no float mulch.” Another feature that makes it a favorite among gardeners is its longevity. Unlike many of its wood-made counterparts, cypress does not decompose for a long time. It saves time and energy for gardeners who don’t want to change their mulch often. 

Flexible Use

It is popular for its range of use in gardening. First, it prevents the growth of weeds. These weeds need light to grow, which this mulch doesn’t allow. Furthermore, it enriches and helps the soil. This mulch prevents moisture from evaporating. 

It keeps the soil cool, and when it decomposes, it leaves behind nutrients. These nutrients enrich the soil. Moreover, during the winter, cypress prevents the soil from frost heaving, and the other essential aspects are its fungus and pest repellents. 

As mentioned, cypress trees (especially older ones) are natural pest/insect repellents. These trees have special chemicals such as thujone and oil that repels these insects. Insect control can range from termites to cockroaches. It even can repel some species of ants. 


And finally, it is more affordable compared to other inexpensive types. The average cost of a cypress is $100 per yard. Similar to other types of mulch, the price depends on several factors. It depends on the supplier, shop services, and mulch quality.

What Are the Alternatives to Cypress Mulch?

Cypress is also used to create mulch for gardeningThe alternatives to cypress mulch vary from pine mulches and their varieties to eucalyptus mulch. The choice of these alternatives depends on your needs. Each mulch has its use, and based on these characteristics, you will find the alternative to use.

When choosing suitable mulch to use instead of cypress, you need to look at what attracted you to cypress in the first place. And based on it, do your research and find suitable mulch. This article includes two alternative mulches. 

Melaleuca Mulch 

The first alternative to cypress is melaleuca mulch. This mulch has almost all the primary features of cypress. Just like cypress, melaleuca also has the ability to control weeds. So, if you wanted to get a cypress for that feature, melaleuca and other wooden-made mulches also possess that ability. 

Furthermore, a study done by the University of Florida showed that termites survived better in mulch that was made of cypress and pine. It means that this mulch is more pest-repellent than cypress. So, if you are thinking about purchasing cypress for its pest repellency, you can look at this as another choice.

Eucalyptus Mulch

Another alternative to cypress is eucalyptus mulch. These trees are also native to Central and South Florida, like cypresses. People grow these trees on plantations specifically as a replacement mulch source. As they grow quickly, people consider them renewable. 

Furthermore, they also have the same features as cypress. Similar to the previously mentioned melaleuca, eucalyptus also can help in weed control. Moreover, it is a good pest repellent as well. 

This mulch also has the ability to enrich the soil, like cypress. This mulch decomposes quicker than cypress. The quick decomposition also means that plant soil will get its nutrients faster. Eucalyptus also has a high level of nitrogen, which is essential for plant growth. 

Environmental organizations and universities from Florida and Louisiana are working on introducing these two alternatives to mulch industries. By introducing these alternatives, there might be a chance to save cypress trees. The article only mentioned these two alternatives, but there are more alternatives, such as pine, bark mulches, and even fallen leaves. More research can help you to know them and which is the best option for you. 


If you are at this point in the article, you already know that cypress mulch is not the best choice for your green space. Now that you have all the information you will need to find the best replacement mulch, let’s review what we covered before you sign off.

  • The location, reputation, and services of a mulch store are essential factors to note when shopping for mulch.
  • Cypress is not the best choice due to the endangered tree species and the possible destruction of wildlife and the ecosystem. 
  • Based on the newly applied rules, most shops will provide lower-quality mulches. 
  • Cypress mulch became popular because of its durability, long-lasting ability, and various applications it provides. 
  • As a replacement, you can use melaleuca and eucalyptus mulches. 

Now you are ready to go and find the best replacement for your case. With the best replacement, you can enjoy your landscape without any worries!

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