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To find a Mulch Store Near you, simply use the map provided above. It will display all the relevant results automatically. Just tap on the markers to view the store details. 

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Cocoa bean mulch near me is a popular search among some gardeners. Finding the best Cocoa mulch means going more in-depth than Google Maps or other GPS app searches. It also includes careful analysis and research. The article below will help you to find the best store and mulch for you. 

How To Choose the Best Cocoa Bean Mulch Store?

To choose the best cocoa bean mulch store near your area, you need to consider the location, services, and quality prices of the store. Another essential aspect is your purpose for the cocoa bean mulch. Each one of these factors can play a crucial role in your choice. 

Going blindly into the store is never a good idea. You need to research and analyze in order for you to understand which store suits you and your needs the best. Below, we’ll discuss some of the factors you’ll need to consider. 

Location and Reputation

The first step is to tap into your Google Maps or other mobile GPS devices or apps to find the closest stores. Afterward, start researching them. The end goal of your research is to find out the services and reputation of the stores. Let’s start with the reputation. 

Reviews and recommendations are your best friends in this case. Looking through online ratings and reviews from strangers is a good way to learn what the public thinks of the store. You can also ask for personal recommendations from friends and family. It will help you understand what people you trust think of the stores. 

The best results will be obtained if you use both techniques. It will help you to find the best choice. After gathering reviews, you can analyze them and come up with a list of possible stores. Remember, the higher the reputation is, the better your chances of finding what you need. 

Services and Its Prices

The other essential aspect to look at is the services and their prices. Firstly, you need to consider what you need. Do you want to buy only the mulch, or do you want other services? Let’s say you are looking for a store with delivery services, so you can cross out stores that don’t provide you with that. 

Other services include installation, discounts, etc. Let’s explore these options as well. Some people might need help installing the mulch, so there are shops that provide these services. There is also the option of buying mulch in bulk or in a bag.  

Mulches in a bag or bulk are usually bought by people who need a large amount of mulch. So, you need to consider how much you need it as well. Therefore, choose a store that provides you with those services. Furthermore, consider the prices of the services and see if it fits your budget. 

Quality, and Variety  

The best store is the one with high-quality products of various types and sizes and affordable products. Cocoa bean mulch is very hard to find, and stores often find themselves in shortage. Due to its rare quality, it is one of the most expensive mulches. That is why the average price is around $25 per cubic foot bag on Amazon. 

Another thing to focus on in finding the best store is the variety and quality the store provides.  People think an expensive product means a better product, but it’s not true, so it’s essential to look through the store products, analyze them based on the feedback, and decide which is the best.

A store with different types, sizes, and colors of mulches most likely will provide you with the best services. Hence, look for a store with different types, sizes, and colors. It also provides you with more choices. The store that meets all these requirements is the best store for you. 

What Is the Average Price of Cocoa Bean Mulch?

The average price of cocoa bean mulch is around $25 per cubic foot bag on Amazon. Due to its rarity, some shops end up with shortages, and the result is higher prices. It means you need to find a store that provides rare types as well. 

The high price does not only depend on the rarity of the type. It also depends on the services that you take from the store. Furthermore, the price also depends on the supplier’s materials and discounts. 

When buying your bulk or bag of this mulch, there are some things that you need to consider. First, pay attention to where the mulch is stored. The quality of the mulch depends on the dryness of the product, so choose a bag that is sheltered from the rain. 

There are three ways to find which is the driest mulch.

The first method is smell. The bag with the most intense chocolate smell is the driest one. It should not smell musty, just a chocolate smell. 

Second, where is your chosen mulch placed? The bag in the middle of the stack is more likely to be drier than the rest. Hence, the best option for you is the one in the middle. And the third technique is weight. 

Cocoa is one of the lighter mulches known. And let’s say two cubic feet should be easy to lift. If you are having a problem picking it up, it means the mulch might be wet and you should pass on it. The mulch that wasn’t sheltered from the rain, even inside the bag, can develop fungi

Why Should You Use Cocoa Bean Mulch?

You should use cocoa shell mulch because it has all the advantages organic mulch provides to your soil, such as retaining water, moisture, and temperature. As cocoa is the source of this mulch, it also provides the garden with the pleasant smell of chocolate.

Furthermore, this mulch is good at suppressing weeds. People made cocoa bean mulch out of hull materials left from roasted beans. Due to the material, this mulch is also known as cocoa hull mulch. The sizes of the pieces are the same, which gives the garden a unanimous look. 

It is essential to mention that this mulch isn’t safe for pets, especially dogs and cats. As most dog and cat owners know, this mulch consists of two components that are toxic to these pets; caffeine and theobromine. The sweet smell of chocolate can attract pets, and they can unknowingly put themselves in danger. 

In those cases, there are two possible solutions. The first solution is don’t allow your pets in the garden anymore. Alternatively, you can also train your dog or cat not to go to these areas. Now that we know the drawbacks, let’s go over the reasons this mulch is the best choice for you. 

Durability and Appearance

As you can guess from its name, the mulch has a natural chocolate-brown color, which gives your garden a certain look. Furthermore, the mulches have the same size. It makes the disturbance easy and unanimous. Similar to mulches such as pine straw, it’s also long-lasting. 

During the decomposition, it changes color from brown to black. Even during decomposition, it gives your garden an appealing look. This way, your garden still looks good and receives nutrients, which we’ll discuss later. 

Pleasant Smell 

Another unique advantage that cocoa hull mulch has over other mulches is the presence of a pleasant smell. The chocolate smell does not leave the hulls even after remaking it into mulch. As stated above, that smell can be used to find dry mulch. 

Besides using it as a way to identify dry mulch, you can use it to give your garden a pleasant smell. In other words, this mulch has a unique characteristic to fill your garden with the pleasant smell of chocolate. 

Water, Temperature and Moisture Retainer 

Cocoa hull, similar to all organic mulches, is a good retainer of temperature, water, and moisture. The cocoa hull retains and optimizes the temperature of soil according to the weather. When it is cold, it warms up the soil so the plant is safe. And accordingly, when it is hot, it cools down the soil for the same purposes.

It is also a good moisturizer for the soil. If you apply it to garden beds, it will retain moisture in those areas. Being a good moisturizer also means that it retains water effectively. This fact also reduces the need for more frequent watering. However, this does not mean that you should forget about watering altogether. 

Furthermore, it enriches the soil with good nutrients. Organic cocoa mulch contains nitrogen, phosphate, and other helpful compounds for the soil. And after decomposition, it enriches the soil with these components. 

Weed Suppression 

Similar to other organic mulches, cocoa mulch is also effective in suppressing weeds. It is considered a natural weed killer. After spreading cocoa and wetting the mulch, it will suffocate any weed that wants to sprout. This way, you will not need any additional weed suppressor. 


At this point in the article, you have gained enough knowledge to know that a simple Google Map search is not enough. Let’s go over some of the essential factors. 

  • To find the best shop based on your needs, you need to consider a few things: location and reputation of the store, types, sizes, qualities of the products, and prices of the services and mulches. 
  • Cocoa bean mulch is rare to find. Shops have a shortage of mulch often. The price for the cocoa mulch is around $25 per cubic foot bag. 
  • Cocoa mulch has an advantage over other mulches due to its pleasant smell and appearance. Furthermore, this mulch is a good retainer of water and temperature and is a weed suppressor. 
  • If you are a pet owner, remember that this mulch is toxic to your cat or dog. 

Now you are ready to find the best store and cocoa mulch you need. After reading this guide, you can now enjoy your landscape and the benefits your mulch will provide!

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