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Brown mulch near me is one of the popular searches amongst gardeners and landowners. The color of this mulch is very close to the soil, which gives it an advantage over the others. However, searching for this mulch doesn’t just end with finding the nearest shops around your area. This article will help you find the perfect store for your brown mulch needs. 

How To Choose the Best Brown Dyed Mulch Store?

To choose the best brown mulch store near your area, you need to consider several factors. You need to consider the location, services, and quality prices the store offers. Furthermore, the consideration of the purpose of the mulch is also essential.

It is never a good idea to go in blindly into the store. Do research and analysis to understand which store is best for you. Below, we’ll discuss some factors you’ll need to consider. 

– Location and Reputation

You are already familiar with the first step. With the help of Google Maps or GPS devices and apps, find the closest shops. After discovering the nearest shop, it is time to do some research and analyze the shops. You have two end goals when finding stores: reputation and services.  

Let’s start with the reputation. There are two methods to find out about the reputation: reviews and recommendations. To learn about the public view, look through online reviews. You can also ask for personal recommendations from friends and family. 

It will give you information about ideas regarding the store of the people whose opinions you trust. To get the best result, use both. After gathering reviews, you can analyze them and come up with a list of possible stores. Remember, the higher the reputation is, the better your chances are of finding what you need. 

– Services and Offerings

You also need to look at the services and their prices. First, understand your expectations of the best service you want to see.

Do you want to buy only the mulch, or do you want other services?

Brown mulch

Let’s say you want bulk mulch, and there is a store that doesn’t provide it.  

If the store doesn’t sell in bulk, it means that store is not the best choice for you. People usually buy mulch in bulk if they need a large amount. Other services include installation, discounts, etc. Let’s explore these options as well. 

Some people might need help installing the mulch, so there are shops that provide these services. Furthermore, you might need to stay within a budget, so your best choice is a store with discounts. If you want to be on a budget, look at the prices of the services you want to take. 

– Quality and Variety

The best store for you is the store with high-quality products of various types and sizes as well as affordable prices. Finding brown mulch is relatively easy as most mulches are brown due to being made out of trees and bark. Due to that fact, the average price for brown mulch is around $30 to $40 per cubic yard

Quality is another essential aspect. People think an expensive product means a better product, which isn’t true. So it’s crucial to look through the store products, analyze them based on the feedback, and decide which one is the best. The other aspect to look for in the store is the variety.

A store with different types, sizes, and colors of mulches will probably provide you with the best services. Finding a store with brown color mulch is a little easy due to the previously mentioned reason. Despite that, look for a store with various types, colors, and sizes of mulch. It will raise your chances of finding the mulch that is best for you. 

What Is the Average Price for Brown Mulch?

The average price for brown color mulch is approximately $30 to $40 per cubic yard. This price is flexible, and several factors affect this change. The most prominent factors include suppliers, popularity, availability, services, and discounts. Mulch prices will also differ depending on how much you are getting.

We’ll discuss some of them in this section. The first factor is availability and popularity. In this case, these two components go hand in hand. As stated above, almost all kinds of mulches have brown coloring due to being made from trees and bark. Furthermore, brown, red mulch, and black mulch are the most popular colors. 

The popularity and the price also depend on the material. It depends if the material is organic or not. The price also depends on the popularity of the tree. The mulch is more affordable if the type is used on more popular trees. 

Another factor is the supplier. As you might already know, the supplier has their prices, which also dictate the price in the store. Moreover, the price also fluctuates based on the services the store provides. Each service has its prices which are different from store to store. 

Some of these services include installation, deliveries, and discounts. As stated above, there is a store that provides mulch in a bag or bulk. And if you want to stay on a budget, you can see if the store has a discount. All of these factors are also important when choosing a store. 

Why Should You Use Brown-color Mulch?

You should use brown color mulch as this mulch type has several advantages over other mulches. This mulch has a natural brown color which can go with the color of the soil. Furthermore, brown mulch is a natural moisturizer, holds the temperature, and repels insects.  

As stated, this mulch has natural color since most mulches come from either trees or barks. It gives this mulch advantage over others because people can get this color naturally without using dyes. Usually, people use dyes to make the color more vivid and pronounced. Another advantage of this mulch is that people can use organic (pine) and inorganic (rubber) materials

This fact also gives another advantage to this mulch. That advantage is that this much can obtain the same abilities as the materials used to make it. Let’s say a pine tree was material to create this mulch. Besides the abilities that brown color mulch has, it will also have the capabilities of pine mulch.

There is a fear that dyed mulches are harmful to plants and trees. Multiple research showed that the problem is not the dye people use but the material. Leftover materials from furniture and other such things are also popular sources for dyed mulches, and these materials also contain harmful chemicals. 

Brown color is not an exception to this problem, so before buying the mulch, you also need to ask about the materials. Now let’s go over some of the advantages this mulch has.  

  • Natural Appearance and Durability 

As stated, this mulch has natural brown shades. The shades of brown are based on the natural coloring of the material. For instance, if the source of the mulch is a eucalyptus tree, the mulch will have a natural dark brown shade. Some materials even have reddish or golden mixed colors as well. 

This natural look can easily mix with the color of the soil. It will give one huge advantage. The mulch can easily blend in with the surroundings and seem as if it’s the soil. This way, it will look natural, and hide the fact that you are using mulch. 

Similar to other colorful mulches, brown ones also can sustain their color longer. They can not only last longer than the usual six months as mulch, but also keep their natural brown color until decomposition. This way, gardeners don’t need to worry about their fading appearance. 

  • Weed Suppressor

This mulch, similar to almost all mulches, is a natural weed suppressor. It will solve your weed problems by doing the following: first, it will block the sun, which weeds need to sprout. After that, it will cover the weed and suffocate it. The variety of effectiveness depends on the material for your colorful mulch.  

  • Temperature Retainer and Moisturizer 

Again, similar to other mulches, this one is also a good moisturizer and temperature retainer. Usually, color added mulches, such as brown and red, help to distribute water evenly. Furthermore, they add moisture if needed. This way, the soil can retain its moisture, and the plants get an appropriate amount of water. 

Furthermore, they are good at maintaining a needed amount of temperature. During the cold weather, it warms up the soil, and during the hot summer, it cools down soil temperature. 

  • Repels Insects 

Another advantage of using brown dye mulch is its capability to be a natural insect repellent. Almost all dyes used for dying mulch have a component that naturally repels insects. And if you are using mulch made of dyed brown materials, it will have the same effect. The brown dye naturally pushes back insects, such as crickets, termites and cockroaches. 


If you are at this point in the article, you are ready to go and buy your mulch. Before signing off,  let’s sum up the essential points.

  • To choose the best store for your needs, you need to consider the location of the store, reputation, services, and high quality and diversity of the products.  Furthermore, your budget also plays a crucial role. 
  • The price of brown dye mulch is around $30 to $40 per cubic yard. The price is flexible and depends on several factors, such as suppliers, services, etc. 
  • The brown color is the only mulch that has an advantage over other mulch types, as it can blend in with the surrounding soil. Furthermore, it repels insects and retains temperature and moisture. 
  • Just remember to ask about the materials, as some might have chemicals that will harm plants. 

Now you are ready to find the best store and brown mulch you need. Go ahead and enjoy your landscape and the benefits your mulch will provide!

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