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Bark mulch near me is a choice that most gardeners face when choosing a type of mulch. The task seems easy; doing a Google search, using GPS, or other mobile apps to find the store. It helps, but it does not help you with which is the best choice. This article is to help experienced and new gardeners find the best option for each individual.  

How To Choose the Best Bark Store Near You?

To choose the best bark store near your area, you need to consider its location, services, quality prices, and reputation. Another important aspect is the use of your bark. Each one of these factors can play a crucial role in your choice. 

When choosing a store, it is essential not to go in blindly. You need to analyze and research to understand if that store suits your needs and budget. Below, we’ll discuss some of the factors you’ll need to consider.

Reputation and Services of the Store

After identifying the nearest mulch stores with Google or other GPS apps, your next step is to research each store. The end goal of this research is to find the services and reputation of the stores. Reviews and recommendations are your best friends in this case. 

Searching for online reviews or asking for recommendations from friends and family will help you understand their reputation. A store that has a good reputation probably will suit you best. A good reputation most of the time translates into high-quality products. Services are another important aspect. 

Depending on your needs, you might need bulk mulch. Some of the stores in your area might have a delivery service or bulk discounts. Delivery services save time on your travel and other related commotion. 

If your area is large, you might also consider buying from a store that provides you with bulk mulch. Some stores even have a bulk discount. A discount is always a plus if you are trying to keep on a budget. 

Price, Quality and Variety of the Store 

The best store is the store that has high-quality products, different varieties, and affordable products. The bark is the most common and most affordable mulch type of all the mulches. The price of bark can range from 20$ to 50$ per cubic yard. The price depends on different factors (which we’ll discuss later).

Furthermore, you’ll need to analyze the variety and quality the store provides. Most people identify quality with the price tag, which is not always the case. Hence, it is essential to look through the store products and analyze them based on the feedback, which provides better quality. 

A store with different types of mulches has a higher probability of providing you with the necessary products. The availability of types of mulches also means a variety of choices. You’ll have a lot more to choose from. Remember, reviews from online review pages and from other people can help too. 

What Is the Average Price for Bark Mulch?

The average price for bark mulch usually ranges from 20$ to 50$ per cubic yard. The bark is the cheapest and most commonly used mulch. There are different types of bark, and the prices also differ based on their type. Other factors also play an essential role in the price. 

The type of the bark also dictates the price of the mulch. Some barks are more expensive than others. Besides the type, it also depends on how much you purchase it. For instance, buying it in bulk will be much cheaper over time than buying only a little at a time. 

Let’s say you asked for delivery, which will also change the price between the stores. The price tag also depends on the quality of the mulch bark. Another aspect that changes the bark price is the supplier. Different suppliers of mulch have different price ranges. 

Why Should You Use Bark Mulch?

You should use bark mulch because there are several advantages to using this type of mulch in landscaping, such as soil conditioning and decorative purposes. To choose the best bark, you first need to identify the purpose of your mulch use.

In other words, you need to know why you want this mulch and where you will use it. Bark can be used both for decoration and other purposes. As stated above, there are different types of barks, and each one of them has its purpose. For instance, for landscape use, there are three graded standards, which are bark chunks (decorative purposes), bark granules (soil conditioner purposes), and shredded bark. 

There are also pine barks and colored barks. From everything mentioned above, the most persistent one is shredded bark. It can take heavy rains and winds, which is not the case with others. Let’s discuss some of them and which is the best option.

  • Shredded Bark

Shredded bark is the most common and least expensive option. This mulch is 100 percent tree bark that has gone under the shredder. There are several benefits to this bark. Firstly, it breaks down relatively slowly. 

Furthermore, people consider shredded bark as environmentally friendly. In other words, it will not cause problems for your garden. And finally, as stated, it is cheap. If you are on a budget, shredded bark can be a lifesaver.

Everything mentioned above is not enough to identify the best option for you. Another thing to consider is what is the use of shredded bark. It is the best type of mulch to use for slopes and also provides nutrients to flowers and vegetables. 

Shredded bark will provide nutrients to flower beds, so if you were planning to purchase mulch for your flower bed, then your best choice is shredded one. This bark is the best choice if you want to use it in vegetable gardens. 

  • Pine Bark 

Pine bark (commonly called bark nuggets) is the sister mulch to pine mulch, with similar traits and appearances. People often use pine mulch as a starting point for bark nuggets. Bark nuggets also have many of the advantages of regular bark, such as weed suppression services. Furthermore, it protects plants from dying out

Moreover, bark nuggets rot slower than regular bark, however, they are not as resilient as the previous type. If you are located in an area where heavy rain or strong wind is constant, bark nuggets are off-limits. They are also more expensive than regular barks and are lacking in the usage department. 

They are not the best choice if you are looking for mulch for your slopes. Moreover, bark nuggets have a poor CO2 balance because of their long transport route. They are the best choice only for two occasions. Firstly, people can use it for their potted plants (either as a base or adding it to potting mixes), and the second occasion is for your perennial beds. 

  • Colored Bark

Another bark subtype is colored mulches. The colored one is not as organic as the rest because dye is used to get the colors needed. These mulches have three commonly used colors: black, brown, and red mulches. It is the only type that people mainly use for decorative purposes.   

The colors give a vibrant and attractive look to your garden, which is the main purpose of dyed mulch. If you are planning to buy dyed mulch, you will need to consider the following factors.

The first factor is the components of the mulch. Nowadays, most mulches are colored using relatively harmless dyes such as iron oxide-based and carbon-based dyes. However, sometimes, people use more harmful dyes. Hence, if you are opting for colored ones, ask for the products used in making these mulches. 

This way, you can identify the quality of your mulch and how safe it will be for your landscape. Another thing to consider is soil enrichment. Colored ones are not beneficial for the soil. During the winter, it can protect the plant and keep soil moisture, and that is it. 

It does not enrich your soil or add beneficial bacteria and nitrogen. Another disadvantage is the price compared to other barks on this list as this type is more expensive. So if you are on a tight budget and want mulch that enriches your soil, this is not your mulch. 


Finding the best bark mulch store near your area is not as simple as Googling the nearest store. If you are at this point in the article, you have the knowledge to choose the best option for you, so let’s sum up the essential points. 

  • To choose the best store for your needs, you need to consider the location of the store, reputation, services, and high quality and diversity of the products.  Furthermore, your budget also plays a crucial role. 
  • When choosing the best bark, you need to consider the purposes. Will you use them for decorative purposes or some other reasons?  
  • The price also depends on the services and types of the bark. Generally, the range of the bark is between $20 to $50 per cubic yard. 
  • There are different types of bark, and each one has its unique pros and cons. The article included three of them: pine (bark nuggets), colored and shredded mulches. 

Now you are ready to find the bark that you need. You can enjoy your landscape and the benefits your bark mulch brings with it!

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