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The Mulch Store's mulch, soil and compost materials help improve the quality of any gardening or landscaping project. In fact, the compost, which is made at Metro Mulch Store facilities from yard trimmings and organic waste, meets the United States Composting Council's Seal of Testing Assurance Program (STA). This quality compost product is also used as a soil amendment to The Mulch Store's numerous soil blend and topsoil products. The Mulch Store's mulch products are made from the highest-quality organic materials to prevent soil erosion or water loss and to inhibit weed germination and growth.

Prices listed are for residential customers. Contractors should contact us online for pricing.

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Compost, Soil Blends and Topsoil

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Compost is made from locally recycled yard and garden prunings and other compostable materials. Ideal for soil amending and mulching. Compost from The Mulch Store improves the soil by adding organic matter, microbes, nutrients and trace minerals. ($16.00/cubic yard)

Garden Blend mixes 45 percent compost, 45 percent black dirt and 10 percent sand to help ensure beautiful gardening results. ($21.00/cubic yard)

50/50 Compost/Topsoil Blend this mix is 50% compost and 50% topsoil, which is ideal for new gardens to grow vibrant plants, trees and shrubs. Contains highly-concentrated organic matter to ensure the greatest growing results. ($18.00/cubic yard)

Rain Garden Blend is a mix of 70 percent sand soil and 30 percent compost. Used to filter water before it leaves job sites. ($23.00/cubic yard)


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Hardwood Mulch is made from untreated slab wood for a rough, organic look. ($30.00/cubic yard)

Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood Chips are made from untreated slab wood and cut into one to two inch chips for a natural, refined look. ($33.00/cubic yard)

Hardwood Chips

Bark Mulch is a very fine product to give a darker, softer look to any landscaping project. ($33.00/cubic yard)

Bark Mulch

Chocolate-Colored Mulch is made from natural hardwoods and colored with an environmentally-safe chocolate dye for a rich, dark product. ($45.00/cubic yard)

Chocolate Mulch

Ruby Red Mulch is a natural hardwood product colored with environmentally safe dyes to add a vibrant look to any ground cover needs. ($45.00/cubic yard)

Ruby Red Mulch

Honey Gold Mulch is dyed with environmentally safe products and made of natural hardwood to brighten residential and commercial landscaping projects. ($45.00/cubic yard)

Honey Gold Mulch

Western Red Cedar Mulch is produced from Western Canada cedar logs and finely ground for a soft, fresh landscaping cover. ($48.00/cubic yard)

Red Cedar Mulch

MN Northern White Cedar Mulch is made from logs grown right here in Minnesota. The fresh, beautiful mulch adds a refined look to any landscaping project. ($44.00/cubic yard)

Northern Cedar Mulch

Playground Mulch is our softest mulch, and is certified by the American National Standards Institute as a premier product for safe, beautiful playgrounds. ($35.00/cubic yard)

Playground Mulch

Pine Bark is produced from the outermost layers of Pine trees from Northern Minnesota. This bark has a natural darker brown color and great pine scent. ($44.00/cubic yard)

Pine Bark