The Mulch Store

The Mulch Store carries landscaping fabric and edging products to help provide the finishing touches to any garden, patio or other landscaping project. These high-quality materials are sure to keep any landscaped area beautiful for years to come.

Prices listed are for residential customers. Contractors should contact us online for pricing.

Valley View Edging

The edging sold by The Mulch Store is heavy-duty and, at 20' long, is sure to create a classic boundary to landscaped areas. ($17.50 stick)


The Mulch Store's tarps are made of the highest-quality mesh to ensure that mulch, nursery stock or other landscaping products are well-secured. Tarps are available in three sizes:

  • 8' x 10' ($47.00/tarp)
  • 10' x 12' ($54.00/tarp)
  • 14' x 16' ($69.00/tarp)
  • Bungees ($3.50/each)

Fabric Rolls

Our fabric rolls are made from 3 ounce spun-bound fabric and help protect any landscaped area from the intrusion of unsightly weeds or other unwanted growth. It can also be used for soil containment in any garden or landscaped surface, helping to ensure that all soil stays within the defined area. Fabric rolls are available in four sizes:

  • 3' x 100' ($34.00/roll)
  • 3' x 300' ($75.00/roll)
  • 4' x 300' ($97.00/roll)
  • 6' x 300' ($129.00/roll)

Hand Tools

  • Yoho Shovels ($43.00)
  • Scoop Shovels ($43.00)
  • Pitchforks ($46.00)
  • Rake - Metal ($32.00)
  • Rake - Plastic Leaf ($15.00)
  • Garden Hoes ($25.00)
  • Pruner - Small ($10.00)
  • Pruner - Medium ($16.00)
  • Pruner - Large ($35.00)
  • Gloves ($6.00)